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As a former adjunct professor at Avila University in Kansas City, MO my teaching emphasis included ethics and scripture as well as business law and English; and at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans, as an adjunct professor, my teaching again emphasized ethics, scripture and basic teachings of Christianity. As a lawyer, my work ranged from criminal defense and prosecution to a private general practice. I also served as a chaplain for the New Orleans Police Department while living there. All of my education and experience has given me the knowledge, insight, and ability to lead you onto a Scripture-based path that will point you to God and his plan for your life.

When I was about 35, I met Jesus. This was an extraordinary event given the fact that I was both a religious and cultural Jew. Like most people, I had been looking for love in all the wrong places. When I was 38, God, very supernaturally, allowed me to adopt my son. If ever one can learn unconditional love, that is the way to do it. God, in His mercy and grace, showed me how to love and how to rear my son. He also showed me how to live independently (that is, without a husband). My dependence was to be on Him and on His Word.

In 1991 I attended Notre Dame Seminary and School of Theology in New Orleans, LA. Bear in mind, this is a Catholic diocesan seminary! Myself and one other woman were being allowed to take courses there! They tailored Masters’ degrees for us and we attended the same classes as the would-be priests. What a wonderful experience. I devoted those years to God and the study of His Word. God, in His faithfulness, spoke to me in each of my classes and through the most wonderful teachers one could have. Truly, a miracle! 

In 2006 I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am now free to devote myself to teaching as I have retired from the practice of law. It is my desire to bring to you the Word of God in a clear, concise, and practical way. It is only through God’s Word that we discover His loving, caring, and faithful nature; and the only way we truly grow into who He has called us to be.

Adrienne Gottlieb, JD, MA


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